Welcome to nes.je

nes.je is a privately-owned URL shortening service, a bit like Bit.ly. Its purpose is to create customised, neat little URLs for easy sharing. For example, Offshore Logistics is shortened to nes.je/ol.

It is named after a tiny hamlet on the island of Frøya, in Bremanger on the west coast of Norway; and for the wonderful family of the same name that originates from there.

In English, Nesje is pronounced "NE-shuh".

Members of the Nesje family who would like to make use of the URL shortening service, or who are interested in a personal email address (such as harald@nes.je) or a personal subdomain (such as http://harald.nes.je/) are welcome to get in touch.

This site is hosted in USA; the owner is in the UK; and the domain name is registered in Jersey. This site is not affiliated in any way with the furniture designer Nesje AS.